• Nilavembu Kudineer 50gm (நிலவேம்பு குடிநீர்)

Nilavembu | Siriyanangai | Kirayat | Kalmegh Kudineer 50gm - நிலவேம்பு குடிநீர்


For all types of fever.


30-60 ml twice a day before food or as directed by the physician.


Boil 10 gms of powder with 500ml of water till the decoction is concentreated to 125ml.


Nilavembu is a small plant that has got wonderful medicinal uses and it has been used in home remedies for a really long time. It is called nilavembu or siriyanangai in Tamil, kirayat in Hindi and kalmegh in Bengali. Nila means soil and vembu means neem, the name literally means a herb that grows close to the soil that is as bitter as neem, nilavembu is very very bitter, just like neem.

1.Nilavembu for Diabetes, Arthritis, Liver & Cancer:
Nilavembu is one of the most important herbs that is a sarva roga nivarani meaning cure for all diseases. It lowers the blood sugar levels and is excellent for treating diabetic patients, but it is best done under medical supervision, as they have to lower the diabetic medicines that they are already taking. It prevents cancer cells from forming and it is a powerful cancer preventive medicine. Its decoctions is a liver tonic. Many things affect the liver like too much alcohol consumption, powerful medications, eating foods sprayed with pesticide and consuming nilavembu is one of the best ways to keep the liver functioning properly. Nilavembu has got anti inflammatory properties making it ideal for treating arthritis and gout. A simple decoction made by boiling 15 to 20 leaves of fresh or dried leaves in a cup of water till it is reduced in half can be used for treating all the above said diseases. The decoction is very very bitter and can be consumed along with palm candy or with honey.

2. Nilavembu for Allergies:
This was the paste that was given to my mother for her allergies. Fresh kalmegh leaves are ground in a mortar and pestle along with very little water to get a smooth, thick paste. Take a pea sized amount of paste and make a ball and swallow it along with water. The bitterness might linger in the tongue for sometime, if you find it very uncomfortable, just take a tiny amount of honey. This has to be taken in an empty stomach for 3 days continuously. This remedy is a very good remedy for allergies that gives very good results immediately.

3. Nilavembu For All Kinds of Fever:
Nilavembu is a natural antibiotic that can be used to treat all kinds of fever, though it is best known for it's use in treating dengue fever. For treating fever, we make a decoction by pounding a tiny bit of turmeric, 4 to 5 peppercorns and 10 nilavembu leaves coarsely in a mortar and pestle and then boiling it in a cup of water till it is reduced in half. This decoction can be given to children and adults. For children around 2 tbsp of this decoction can be given, for adults around 3 to 4 tbsp will work well.

4. Nilavembu Kudineer for Dengue Treatment:
Here in Tamil Nadu we get a herbal powder made out of 9 herbs in which nilavembu is the main ingredient for treating dengue. After the dengue outbreak this drink is getting very popular as it is considered the most effective remedy for dengue. If you don't want to eat the chooranam, there is an other effective preparation that is very effective and that can be easily made at home.
Take 1 part of a single papaya leaf, 10 nilavembu leaves, 5 peppercorns and 1 tbsp of palm candy powder, pound it once in a mortar and pestle and boil till it is reduced to half a cup. Drink it for 3 days in an empty stomach, for children reduce it by half. Both nilavembu and papaya leaves are very effective in treating dengue fever and this decoction works very well.

5.Nilavembu for Cold:
Nilavembu can be used for treating all cold related problems.The fresh juice when taken internally is the best remedy for treating cold related problems.For treating cold, collect fresh leaves, wash them well and take them in a blender along with little boiled water, grind well and strain. You can also pound it in a mortar and pestle to get the syrup. For adults 1 tbsp can be taken and for children 1 to 2 tsp will work well. Remember to always drink the juice immediately after making it.

The only problem with nilavembu concoctions is the bitterness. There are a few things that we can follow while drinking bitter kashayam. Drink it at a go without even tasting it and drink little bit of water immediately. You can also immediately take a spoon of honey after drinking the decoction. With the nilavembu paste the bitterness lingers longer, so tilt your head up, pop in the paste and immediately swallow it with water.

SIDE EFFECTS: Nilavembu is best avoided by pregnant women.

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Nilavembu Kudineer 50gm (நிலவேம்பு குடிநீர்)

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