• Marathi Moggu/Ilavu, Puulaa, Mullilavu,Kapok Buds 50gms

Marathi Moggu is a spice utilized in some of Karnataka and Andhra cherished dishes. It is brownish in color and appears somewhat like a larger version of a clove. Marathi Moggu is almost always fried in oil before using to release its full taste. Its taste is most similar to that of a combination of mustard and black pepper. It has a sharp piquant flavor and also adds pungency. It contains peculiar aroma and saltiness to comestibles.    

Nutrients present in marati moggu is Flavonoid, Vitamin E & K. It is used to prevent or treat abscess, anorexia, baldness, arthritis, candidiasis, anemia, ascaris, skin disease, etc.

It is fried and ground with other spices before using in recipes. It is used as dishes like Bisi bele bath, pulao, also in preparations of masalas.                                                           

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Marathi Moggu/Ilavu, Puulaa, Mullilavu,Kapok Buds 50gms

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